GLCD 5210 : Invitation To The Dance

01 Dance Of The Goblins (La Ronde des Lutins) (Antonio Bazzini) - DOLF VAN DER LINDEN & HIS ORCHESTRA

02 Ballet Égyptien  -  1st Movement - Allegro Non Troppo (Alexandre Luigini) - THE EMBASSY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA /  MICHAEL FREEDMAN (S)

03 Dance Of The Tarantulas (William Blezard) - NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA / CEDRIC DUMONT

04 Moonspun Dreams (John C. Egan; Allan Flynn, arr. Ivan Caryll) - HARRY DAVIDSON & HIS ORCHESTRA

05 Mexican Hat Dance (F.A. Partichela, arr. Ronald Hanmer) - MICHAEL FREEDMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA (Using pseudonym JACQUES LEROY)

06 Pirouette (Montague Phillips) - TELECAST ORCHESTRA / ELLIOTT MAYES

07 Apache Dance (Offenbach) - HARRY FRYER & HIS ORCHESTRA

08 Banner Of Youth - March (Sidney Torch) - QUEEN'S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA / SIDNEY TORCH

09 Piccolo Polka  (Meredith Willson) - MEREDITH WILLSON & HIS ORCHESTRA  Solo piccolo: PAUL RENZI

10 Cresta Blanca Waltz (Morton Gould) - MORTON GOULD & HIS ORCHESTRA

11 The Dancing Cane (David Rose) - DAVID ROSE & HIS ORCHESTRA

12 Ascot Gavotte (from "My Fair Lady") (Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe arr. Percy Faith) - PERCY FAITH & HIS ORCHESTRA

13 Calypso In D (Yellow Bird) (Trad, arr. Helmut Zacharias) - HELMUT ZACHARIAS & HIS MAGIC VIOLINS

14 Feliciana (Frank Perkins) - FRANK PERKINS & HIS 'POPS' ORCHESTRA

15 Song Of Tonfano (Anthony Mawer) - HILVERSUM RADIO ORCHESTRA /  HUGO DE GROOT

16 Vive Le Sport - March (Roger Roger) - ROGER ROGER & HIS CHAMPS ELYSEES ORCHESTRA

17 Evening Bells (Carste; Ralph Maria Siegel) - VAN LYNN & HIS ORCHESTRA [actually DOLF VAN DER LINDEN]

18 Fifth Avenue Waltz (Robert Mersey) - QUEEN'S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA / MALCOLM LOCKYER

19 Dance Ballerina Dance (Carl Sigman; Sidney Keith Russell) - WERNER MÜLLER & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

20 Golden Slippers (Trad. arr. Rickey Marino; Felix Slatkin) - FELIX SLATKIN & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

21 Interval Waltz (Vivian Ellis) - THE NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA (S)

22 Rhumba For Romeos (Trevor Duncan, real name Leonard Trebilco) - THE NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA / MONIA LITER ('Paul Hamilton' on disc label) (S)

23 Pretty Polka (Geoffrey Henman) - THE NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA / MONIA LITER ('Paul Hamilton' on disc label) (S)

24 Venus Waltz (Ron Goodwin) - HANS GEORG ARLT & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

25 Millionaire's Hoe-Down (Wayne Robinson; Caesar Giovannini; Herman Clebanoff) - CLEBANOFF & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

26 Invitation To The Dance (Carl Maria von Weber) - MANTOVANI & HIS ORCHESTRA

(S)  = Stereo

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