GLCD 5190 : Continental Flavour - Volume 2


02 Simonetta (Belle Fenstock; Irving Caesar) - WERNER MÜLLER & HIS ORCHESTRA

03 So Wird's Nie Wieder Sein (How It's Never Going To Be) (Gerhard Winkler; Bruno Balz) - HANS GEORG ARLT & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

04 La Polka Des Menottes (Polka Of The Handcuffed Men) (Gérard Calvi, real name Grégoire Elie Krettly) - GÉRARD CALVI & HIS ORCHESTRA

05 Das Karussell, Das Dreht Sich Immer Rundherum (The Carousel Goes Round And Round) (Michael Jary; Hans Fritz Beckmann) - HANS GEORG ARLT & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

06 Champagne (Franck Pourcel) - FRANCK POURCEL & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

07 Paris Palace Hotel (Paul Jules Durand) - HELMUT ZACHARIAS & HIS MAGIC VIOLINS

08 Tu T'Fous De Moi (Are You Kidding Me?) (André Varel pseudonym of André Tubiana and Charles Bailly) - EMILE NOBLOT & HIS ORCHESTRA

09 Toy Trumpet (Raymond Scott) - EGON KJERRMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA

10 Parade Of The Elves (Heinzelmännchens Wachtparade, a.k.a.Tomtarnas Vaktparad) (Kurt Noack) - EGON KJERRMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA

11 Teddy Bears' Picnic (John W. Bratton) - TEDDY PETERSEN & HIS ORCHESTRA

12 Les Demons De La Nuit (The Devils Of The Night) (Gérard Calvi, real name Grégoire Elie Krettly) - GÉRARD CALVI & HIS ORCHESTRA

13 Till Margareta (To Margareta) (Kurt Larsson) - AKE JELVING & HIS ORCHESTRA, solo violin SIXTEN STROMVALL

14 The Phantom Brigade (William H. Myddleton) - EGON KJERRMAN & HIS ORCHESTRA

15 The Whistler And His Dog (Arthur Pryor) - TEDDY PETERSEN & HIS ORCHESTRA

16 Hem Fran Slattern (Home From The Plains) (Kurt Larsson) - AKE JELVING & HIS ORCHESTRA

17 Happy Time (Tom Wyler, real name Toni Leutwiler) - TONI LEUTWILER AND HIS ORCHESTRA (as 'The Harmonic Strings')

18 Cupido Dansar (Cupid Dances) (Einar Hylin) - AKE JELVING & HIS ORCHESTRA

19 The Extravagant Polka (Pierre Leemans) - EMILE DELTOUR & HIS ORCHESTRA

20 Dance Of The Millions (Dolf van der Linden) - DOLF VAN DER LINDEN & HIS METROPOLE ORCHESTRA

21 Ferry Boat Serenade (La Piccinina) (Eldo di Lazzaro) - CEDRIC DUMONT & HIS ORCHESTRA

22 Military Tango (André Popp) - ANDRÉ POPP & HIS ORCHESTRA

23  Amphitryon Waltz (Walter Borchert; Franz Doelle; Charlie Amberg) - ORCHESTRA MASCOTTE

24 Tango Bolero (Juan Liossas) - BARNABAS VON GECZY & HIS ORCHESTRA

25 The Little Goblin (Der Kleine Kobold) (Willi Samariter) - FREDERICK HIPPMANN & HIS KÜNSTLER ORCHESTRA

26 Tales From The Orient - Waltz (Märchen Aus Dem Orient) (Johann Strauss II) - MAREK WEBER & HIS ORCHESTRA

27 Gib Obacht! (Watch Out!) (Ernst Fischer) - OTTO DOBRINDT AND HIS PIANO SYMPHONISTS

(S) = Stereo

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