GLCD 5187 : Light And Easy

01 Pyramid Dance (Leroy Anderson) - LEROY ANDERSON & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

02 Moritat (Theme from "The Threepenny Opera) (Kurt Weill) - THE CLEBANOFF STRINGS (S)

03 I Love Paris (from "Can Can") (Cole Porter) - PARIS THEATRE ORCHESTRA (S)

04 Light And Easy (Harry Rabinowitz) - THE SYMPHONIA ORCHESTRA / CURT ANDERSEN

05 On A Cheerful Note (Cyril Watters) - DOLF VAN DER LINDEN & HIS ORCHESTRA (as 'Paul Franklin' on disc label)

06 Wind-Bells (Mahlon Merrick) - MAHLON MERRICK & HIS ORCHESTRA

07 A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich And You (Joseph Meyer; Billy Rose; Al Dubin) - JOHN CLEGG & HIS ORCHESTRA

08 Main Line (Bruce Campbell) - BRUCE CAMPBELL & HIS ORCHESTRA ('Coronet Orchestra' on disc label)

09 Fashion Show (Angela Morley, as 'Walter Stott') - TELECAST ORCHESTRA / ANGELA MORLEY

10 Pan American Panorama (Philip Green) - QUEEN'S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA / SIDNEY TORCH

11 Las Vegas Lady (Clive Richardson) - NEW CENTURY ORCHESTRA / ERICH BÖRSCHEL

12 Hilltop Holiday (Anthony Mawer) - COSMOPOLITAN ORCHESTRA / PHILLIPO ANDEZ

13 Bermuda Holiday (Kermit Leslie & Walter Leslie real surnames Levinsky) - KERMIT LESLIE & HIS ORCHESTRA


15 Gay Time (Alan Perry, real name Ernest Tomlinson) - NEW CENTURY ORCHESTRA / ERICH BÖRSCHEL

16 Blues On The Rocks - Concerto (Bernie Wayne, real name Bernard Weitzner) - BERNIE WAYNE & HIS ORCHESTRA

17 4:20 AM (David Rose) - DAVID ROSE & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

18 Lazy Day (Robert Farnon) - LESLIE JONES & HIS ORCHESTRA OF LONDON (S)

19 I'll Be Seeing You (Irving Kahal; Sammy Fain) - GLENN OSSER &HIS ORCHESTRA

20 Now I Know (Harold Arlen; Ted Koehler, arr. Reg Owen) - REG OWEN & HIS ORCHESTRA

21 This Might Be Love (Jerry Bock) - ACQUAVIVA & HIS ORCHESTRA

22 Stella By Starlight (Victor Young; Ned Washington) - PITTSBURGH STRINGS / RICHARD JONES

23 More Than You Know (Vincent Youmans, arr. Robert Farnon) - ROBERT FARNON & HIS ORCHESTRA

24 There's A Lull In My Life (Gordon; Revel, arr. F Cordell) - FRANK CORDELL & HIS ORCHESTRA featuring RONNIE CHAMBERLAIN, soprano saxophone (S)

25 Waitin' For The Dawn (Ron Goodwin) - CYRIL STAPLETON & HIS ORCHESTRA (as 'Malcolm Peters')

26 That's All (Bob Haymes, arr. Henry Mancini) - HENRY MANCINI & HIS ORCHESTRA (S)

(S) = Stereo

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