GLCD 5107 : Charles Williams & The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra

01 London Calling (Eric Coates) 

02 Morning at Bibury (Charles Shadwell) 

03 Frontier March (John Holliday) 

04 The Future (Charles Williams) 

05 Dancing On The Green (Percy Fletcher) 

06 Mirage (Eric Coates) 

07 Moon In The Sky (Billy Reid) 

08 Minuet in F (Sinclair Logan) 

09 Empire Jubilee March (Denis Wright) 

10 At The Court Of Cleopatra (Percy Fletcher) 

11 Beachy Head Overture (Frank Tapp) 

12 Lulworth Cove (Charles Shadwell)

13 Virginia - A Southern Rhapsody (Haydn Wood) 

14 Overture To An Irish Comedy (John Ansell) 

15 Hillside Melody (Montague Phillips) 

16 Naval Splendour (Clive Richardson) 

17 Manx Rhapsody (Haydn Wood) 

18 Forest Melody (Montague Phillips) 

19 Seaford Head (Charles Williams) 

20 May Day at Helston (John Holliday) 

21 Marianne (Charles Williams) 

22 Rhythm On Rails (Charles Williams) 

23 Witches' Ride (Charles Williams) 

24 Tom Tom The Piper's Son (Charles Williams) 

25 Always (Leslie-Smith) 

26 Summer Garden (Charles Williams) 

27 Mulberry (Kenneth Leslie-Smith) 

28 THE GLASS SLIPPER : Overture (Clifton Parker) 

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